Kuzina by Sophia Restaurant (located on Rt 70 in Cherry Hill) Files for Bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2016 | Business & Commercial Bankruptcy |

“We’re sorry to be out of the business, but in a way we’re still in the business,” said Khoury, who said the catering firm, Cooking With Sofia, will serve individual customers and also hold dining events for the public. “We want to thank everyone for being our customers all those years.”

Kuzina by Sofia (located on Route 70 in Cherry Hill) sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February to restructure its finances, however a trustee moved on July 28 to convert the case to Chapter 7, allowing the firm’s liquidation.

From May 2012 through September 2014 the company previously operated under bankruptcy protection.

The Greek and Mediterranean 49-seat BYOB reported liabilities of up to $500,000 and assets of less than $50,000 when it filed for protection in Camden, NJ. The restaurant has outstanding debt to the Division of Taxation of $150,000.



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