Rebuild Your Credit — And Your Life — After Bankruptcy

Many people are concerned about what filing bankruptcy will do to their credit ratings and how it will impact their ability to get any type of credit approval in the years afterward. These are absolutely legitimate concerns, and we do not encourage anyone to file without a clear understanding of the repercussions.

At the Law Office of Robert Braverman, LLC we provide our clients with straight answers and sound guidance regarding debt and credit issues. If you have questions about filing bankruptcy and your credit future, call us at 800-759-0767 for a free initial consultation.

Bankruptcy Recovery and Your Future Goals Are Within Reach

A bankruptcy will typically remain on your credit report for seven to 10 years. The positive news is that — with the immediate debt relief provided through bankruptcy, financial discipline and basic strategic guidance — many filers are able to successfully rebuild their credit ratings over a relatively short period of time. They go on to purchase vehicles and homes, get other types of loans and even start new businesses.

Some components of success in life after bankruptcy and rebuilding credit include:

  • Being vigilant about paying bills on time or early after filing
  • Applying for secured credit cards, store credit cards and other credit when eligible, using them and paying the balance in full each month in a “borrow-pay-repeat” pattern

At the Law Office of Robert Braverman, LLC, a substantial percentage of the clients we help already have damaged credit and low credit scores. You may have little to lose and much to gain by eliminating burdensome debt, and your credit score may actually begin to rise slowly soon after filing.

In other situations, we carefully assess and explain the tradeoffs associated with eliminating overwhelming debt through Chapter 7 or saving a home from foreclosure through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, for example, so that our client can make the soundest decision possible.

Free Consultation With a Skilled Bankruptcy Attorney

Accomplished lawyer Robert Braverman will meet with you personally, welcome your questions about life after bankruptcy and offer clear answers based on decades of experience.

We offer a free initial consultation in our offices in Cherry Hill or Willingboro , New Jersey, or in either of our two Philadelphia offices. We do not pressure anyone to file, and we provide clients with the information they need for careful consideration of the impact on future goals. For the counsel you need, please call 800-759-0767 or send us an e-mail inquiry today.

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