Helping Businesses Navigate The Bankruptcy Process

Commercial bankruptcy cases can be highly complex when asset valuation, negotiation with creditors and other financial considerations come into play. Working with an experienced business bankruptcy attorney can make a significant difference in the ultimate success of your reorganization.

Robert Braverman has represented business owners and corporations for nearly 30 years. During that time, attorney Robert Braverman has handled numerous complex business bankruptcy cases, reducing their debts and to protect the personal assets of his business owner clients.

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Saving Your Business Through Chapter 11 or Chapter 13

In advising you, our first task will be to review your company’s financial situation. We will pay close attention to evaluating your secured debts and tax liabilities in comparison to your assets, accounts receivable and overall cash flow situation. Based on these factors, we will then recommend the optimal debt reduction strategy for you.

If a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is your best option, we will act immediately to take the steps necessary to successfully stabilize your company’s finances and eventually bring it back to financial health. Some small-business owners may be eligible for debt relief under Chapter 13, a solution that is less costly and time-consuming than Chapter 11.

Business clients often come to us wanting to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy and reorganization, only to learn that the financial position of their company has passed beyond the point of recovery. If liquidation under Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your best option, we can proceed to an orderly liquidation of debts and assets.

Avoiding Business Bankruptcy Through a Workout

In some cases, a business may want to avoid the bankruptcy process. We are experienced in debt negotiations with the aim of reducing debts or obtaining repayment terms that are more favorable.

Before recommending this course of action, we will carefully review your company’s debts and financial situation. If you wish to proceed with the debt negotiation process, we will develop a customized plan designed to deal with each creditor on an individual basis. We will then engage in discussions with each creditor to achieve your goals.

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