When Is The Best Time To File for Bankruptcy?

Clients come to the Law Office of Robert Braverman, LLC looking for answers to their debt relief problems. With more than 25 years of experience, attorney Robert Braverman is able to assess each client’s financial situation and recommend a course of action to seek debt relief. Clients meet directly with him and get peace of mind knowing their debt situation is being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

Deciding if and When to File Bankruptcy

If you are struggling with debt and searching for a way out, bankruptcy may be right for you. During your free initial consultation, we will discuss your financial situation in depth and help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you and, if so, when to file.

During your initial meeting, we will focus on answering these questions:

  • Does bankruptcy make sense? Bankruptcy may or may not be your best option for debt relief. Attorney Robert Braverman will be able to give you an honest assessment of your situation and recommend a course of action.
  • What type of bankruptcy is best? We can explain the advantages of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which completely eliminates debt, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which reduces the size of debt, enabling the debtor to pay off remaining debt over time. Chapter 11 business bankruptcy is an option for businesses dealing with unmanageable debt.
  • When should I file? If we determine bankruptcy to be your best debt relief option, we will help you decide when an appropriate time to file would be. New bankruptcy laws passed in 2005 require debtors to average their income over the past six months. Delaying bankruptcy a few months may make sense if your financial situation will be more accurately represented by waiting. In other cases, it may make sense to file immediately. We will guide you in making this decision.

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