Do I Need a Bankruptcy Attorney?

In a time of severe financial adversity and hardship, we know that thousands of people throughout southern New Jersey, the Philadelphia metro, Bucks County and elsewhere in our region are living with constant, relentless debt pressures.

Learn the Risks of Debt Consolidation Services and Do-It-Yourself Bankruptcies

Many consider the question “Do I need a bankruptcy lawyer?” but wait to contact one until their situations have become desperate and key options for protecting assets may no longer be available. Others are lured into debt consolidation programs that do not resolve their problems, and still others attempt “do-it-yourself” bankruptcy and make costly errors they regret for years to come.

Bankruptcy is not right for everyone, but we encourage anyone burdened by debt or sensing looming financial danger signs to learn the truth about how it works and what it can accomplish. Robert Braverman — a sought-after educator and lecturer on the subject as well as a dedicated 30-year bankruptcy attorney — will explain all aspects of bankruptcy law relevant to you and take every step necessary to help you make sound decisions and navigate the process successfully.

While online tools and kits make it technically possible for individuals to complete the means test and file their own Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, the risks are substantial. A successful filing involves far more than filling out forms. It is critical to understand the U.S. Bankruptcy Code thoroughly, grasp all current exemptions available to protect your property and the nuances of proper timing. Common mistakes by those attempting to file on their own include:

  • Having the case dismissed because of inaccuracies — and losing the ability to obtain a discharge of debts altogether
  • Mistakenly leaving specific debts out of your filing, thus greatly reducing the relief you could have received with professional counsel
  • Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy when a workable Chapter 13 repayment plan could have been negotiated to stop home foreclosure or protect other critical assets

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You may be pleasantly surprised by what bankruptcy can accomplish and the affordability of our services. We do not apply pressure to file, and we are happy to address all your questions in a free initial consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.