What Should You Bring to Your First Meeting With Our Firm?

Preparing for your first meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer can help you come to a quick and effective decision about your financial future. Contact the Law Office of Robert Braverman, LLC to schedule your free initial consultation, where we can discuss your current financial situation and options for seeking debt relief.

What to Bring to Your Initial Consultation

The more information you can bring during your free consultation, the more accurate financial advice we can provide. If possible, prepare to have the following information available at your initial consultation:

  • Current paystubs
  • Profit and loss statements, if you are self-employed
  • A list of creditors, amount of debt with each, and note whether the debt is secured or unsecured
  • Monthly expenses
  • Value of assets
  • Other financial documents
  • Copies of documents if a lawsuit has been filed against you

Consider creating a monthly budget that reflects your monthly expenses. This will give us an understanding of your current financial situation, assets, and liabilities. With this information, we will be able to better prepare to give you accurate and useful advice about your debt situation.

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To schedule your initial consultation and begin the process of planning for your future, contact a lawyer from our firm today. Call 800-759-0767.