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3 things people should know about the Chapter 13 repayment plan

Some people will file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy because their income is too high to qualify for Chapter 7 proceedings or because they have valuable property that they don’t want to risk losing in the bankruptcy process. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy does not require the liquidation of your personal property but will instead necessitate a repayment plan.

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Are you now prevented from suing. If there is no bankruptcy, then the answer most times would be yes. However, section 108 of the bankruptcy code states that if the statute of limitations has not expired when the bankruptcy was filed, then the time to sue does not end until the later of when it normally would have run out (2 years) OR 30 days after the automatic stay ends. So in this example, you could still proceed with the lawsuit as long as you file within 30 days of getting the permission tp proceed

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As the Philadelphia Union Enjoys Success in Chester PA, the City of Chester Struggles

The City of Chester is home to the Philadelphia Union soccer team. Thanks to the outstanding play of goalie Andre Blake, a great defense and lots of scoring, the Philadelphia Union have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. Unfortunately, the Stadium and a nearby Casino have done little to boost the financial fortunes of Chester Pennsylvania.

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Can bankruptcy help with student loans?

It should be noted that Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy doesn’t generally discharge Student loan debt, although there are exceptions for Undue Hardship. In addition bankruptcy can impact certain private student loans. Chapter 13 can also be used to hold off on student loan collection during the five year chapter 13 plan. 

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