Payday Loans Eliminated in Personal Bankruptcy

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With many individuals struggling financially, some will try and get by with advances on credit cards or payday loans.  Payday loans are typically used by borrowers in an effort to help cash flow in the short term.  Typically payday loans are for a relatively small amount and must be paid within a few weeks.  However, if the loan is not repaid within a few weeks, the interest rate charged can exceed 50%.  When a debtor fails to pay off the payday loan timely it becomes difficult to catch up for many individuals.  A payday loan can be eliminated in a personal bankruptcy just like a credit card and many other unsecured debts.  An individual has fallen into this cycle of not being able to catch up on payday loans and credit cards because of cash advances. Often the filing of a bankruptcy can help regain control of their financial circumstances.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney should be consulted in that situation.


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