Tips when attending the Bankruptcy meeting with Creditors

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Whether an individual files a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they will be required to attend a meeting with a trustee. Although creditors are also invited they rarely attend. In southern New Jersey the Chapter 13 meetings take place in either Cherry Hill NJ or Robbinsville NJ. For Chapter 7 the meeting will be in either Camden NJ or Trenton NJ. When you attend you should:

1. Arrive early. This will give you a chance to review your case with your lawyer and listen to the trustee ask other people questions that he/she will also ask you.

2. Bring government issued photo id and social security card or other official document like w-2 or letter from social security. A tax return is not acceptable.

3. Also bring current pay stub and any other documents requested by your lawyer.

4.Have your documents in your hand so you can put on trustee’s desk when he calls you.

5. Be polite to the trustee. He is only doing his job by asking you questions and you do not want to give trustee a reason to make things more difficult.

6. If trustee requests you send documents after the meeting, do it right away to avoid any delays in receiving your discharge.

Following these tips will help your bankruptcy go smoothly.


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