New Philadelphia Location for Meeting with Creditors

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2019 | Bankruptcy Law |

Whether you live in Northeast Philadelphia, Center City Philadelphia, or elsewhere in the city, when you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you are required to attend a “Meeting of Creditors”. In most consumer cases none of the creditors show up. However, you still meet with the trustee to review your case. For a number of years the Chapter 7 meeting with the trustee took place at 833 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA. However, as of May 6, 2019 the Office of The United States Trustee has obtained space in the Nix Courthouse and Federal Building at 900 Market Street, room 304, Philadelphia PA. Since the meetings are now in a federal court house protected by US Marshall’s office and metal detector’s it is important that debtors allow additional time to make it to the hearing. The Chapter 13 Meeting of Creditors which moved a couple of years ago to 1234 Market Street (SEPTA Building) Suite 18-341 Philadelphia PA is to remain at that location.


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