Unemployment and credit card debt. 

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Bankruptcy Law, Chapter 13, Chapter 7 |


NJ Department of Labor is extending NJ unemployment for up to 20 additional weeks. In addition, Congress is discussing a further Stimulus package since the Federal Unemployment runs out end of July. For many people, this income is enough to cover normal living expenses like mortgage or rent payments, car payments, food, etc., but not enough to cover debt payments that have accrued like credit card debt, payday loans and other debts. One option to help deal with that debt is bankruptcy. While the pandemic has closed a lot of different kinds of government and private facilities, the United States Bankruptcy Courts, including the local ones in Camden New Jersey, Trenton New Jersey and Philadelphia Pennsylvania remain open. While most proceedings are conducted by telephone or with videoconferencing, bankruptcy can still be filed and completed during the pandemic. So if the unemployment received is not enough to deal with the credit card and personal loan debt, a consultation should be considered with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. https://www.bravermanlaw.com/bankruptcy-law/


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