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An individual can file a bankruptcy in New Jersey when they have lived in New Jersey for the longer portion of the last 180 days or their principal assets are located in New Jersey. Once it is determined that you are eligible to file in New Jersey, the question then becomes which Courthouse do you report to. There are three Federal Bankruptcy Courts in New Jersey: one in Camden NJ, One in Trenton NJ and one in Newark NJ. Unlike the New Jersey state courts, where each county has its own courthouse, the three Federal Courthouses divide the counties based mostly on proximity and population. Usually an entire county reports to the same Courthouse. For example, all of Atlantic County reports to the Camden Federal  Courthouse. However, some counties are split so that some of the cities report to one location and some of the cities report to another. One such county is Burlington County. For Burlington County, the Southern most cities report to Camden Federal Courthouse and the remainder of the cities report to the Federal Courthouse in Trenton NJ.

The specific Burlington County cities that report to the Federal Courthouse in Camden are as follows:

Cinnaminson, Delran, Edgewater Park,  Evesham/Marlton,  Maple Shade,  Moorestown,  Mt. Laurel,  Palmyra, Riverside, and  Riverton. The rest of the Burlington County cities report to Trenton NJ. The location of the Courthouse will impact the trustees assigned to your case as well as the judge appointed in your case.


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