As the Philadelphia Union Enjoys Success in Chester PA, the City of Chester Struggles

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Bankruptcy Law |

The City of Chester is home to the Philadelphia Union soccer team. Thanks to the outstanding play of three time goalie of the year, Andre Blake, a great defense and lots of scoring, the Philadelphia Union have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. Unfortunately, the Stadium and a nearby Casino have done little to boost the financial fortunes of Chester Pennsylvania, which lies just south of Philadelphia PA. In fact, according to Yahoo News, the City is on the verge of Bankruptcy. While not very common, other cities, including the City of Detroit Michigan have had to file for bankruptcy. As with several other of those cities, the police pension is about to run out of funds and according to Yahoo News, the City of Chester is considering bankruptcy. Other cost cutting measures are also being considered, but bankruptcy may turn out to be their best option.


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