Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Although we have helped many people wipe out debts, turn their financial situations around and move forward by filing bankruptcy, this approach is not right for everyone. Some clients we meet are ineligible to file bankruptcy for a range of reasons, and others are committed to trying all other means of obtaining debt relief before they take this step.

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If You Want to Pursue Debt Negotiation, Turn to an Experienced Lawyer

Bankruptcy attorney Robert Braverman has a high success rate negotiating with creditors to reduce our clients’ debts and arrange settlements or obtain manageable payment plans. He can offer sound, informed guidance on whether your specific circumstances may make this a viable path in a free initial consultation at our firm. We have offices in Cherry Hill, Willingboro and Philadelphia to serve you.

Unfortunately, many people attempt to resolve serious debt problems by working with for-profit, non-attorney-led debt consolidation companies — often with extremely adverse results. Such companies often portray personal bankruptcy inaccurately and aggressively caution against it, and their advertising pitches can be very convincing.

We advise clients on how debt consolidation/”debt solutions” companies really operate, including the fact that they have no power similar to the automatic stay that bankruptcy provides. People who enter these programs frequently pay thousands to the debt consolidation company, but do not receive manageable settlement offers. Some ultimately must file bankruptcy to stop a judgment, wage garnishment or another crippling action against them.

A Bankruptcy Attorney You Can Trust for Sound Counsel

We operate a balanced, ethical law practice, and attorney Robert Braverman does not pressure anyone to file personal or business bankruptcy. He will help you evaluate alternatives to bankruptcy at your request or whenever his assessment of your financial situation suggests they have a strong likelihood of achieving your critical goals.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.