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A court judgment against you could be financially devastating, leading to wage garnishment or liens against your property. If you are unable to pay debts and are coping with frequent calls from creditors or collection agencies, this could well be the next serious problem you face. In any case, the stress associated with relentless collection efforts may have you feeling desperate for relief and impact your ability to focus on your work and family.

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Bankruptcy Can Protect You From Creditors, Legally and Dependably

Simply stated, filing personal bankruptcy can stop collections and all creditor harassment if you are eligible. The power of an automatic stay against these actions is sweeping and legally enforceable, and you may be able to benefit within days of your decision to call the Law Office of Robert Braverman, LLC. You can work directly with a board-certified consumer and business bankruptcy lawyer to:

  • Identify and execute the best long-term solution to your debt problems, often with the added benefit of an immediate end to creditor harassment
  • Stop wage garnishment, mortgage foreclosure proceedings and other claims against your money and property
  • Enforce protections under the Bankruptcy Code or the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) if creditors violate the law and continue pursuing you after filing bankruptcy

It is critical to recognize that, while there may be bankruptcy alternatives that will work for you, only bankruptcy filers benefit from the legal strength of the automatic stay. Debt consolidation companies and other so-called “debt solutions” services may offer to contact and take calls from your creditors, but they cannot protect you against lawsuits, judgments or other devastating financial consequences.

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Creditor harassment lawyer Robert Braverman will assess your unique debt challenges and offer guidance based on decades of experience. He works closely with every client through each step in the decision-making and bankruptcy processes.

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